My Wedding Day

Today I have the honor of marrying my sweet wife Melissa.  This is a day I have waited for – sometimes impatiently – for many years.  I have longed to have a wife far longer and more deeply than anything, short of my desire to be in heaven with my Lord.  And now by God’s grace I will marry the wonderful woman that God has brought to me.

I am awestruck when I look at the imagery and symbolism of a wedding day in Scripture. Continue reading

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Four months have gone by since I last wrote – though not from lack of inspiration.  I’ve been quite occupied with many things, and figured that my birthday is as good of an opportunity as any to break the silence.  Today I turn twenty-eight years old, and would like to take this opportunity to look back over this past year and think on what God has led me through. Continue reading

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July in Review

So now that I’ve had a little bit of time to breathe and collect my thoughts about last month, I’d like to review what God has seen fit to let me do these last few weeks.

July started off with a bang – I had the immense honor and pleasure to officiate my very first wedding for some dear friends Corey and Alli Claunch down in Austin, Texas.  It was a beautiful wedding, and despite the fact that I dropped the rings (twice) I felt as though things went really smoothly for my first time out.  I got to see lots of old friends and loved celebrating with them in such a worshipful atmosphere. During that trip I also had the joy of introducing Melissa (my girlfriend of three months now) to Texas history and culture.  We visited the Texas state capitol building and I recounted a few stories and nuggets from Texas history, and we had a great time together. Continue reading

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So I have come to the realization that July is going to be insanely busy for me.  Aside from work, my involvement at LifePoint, and a certain lady who takes up a fair amount of my time as of late, I have a lot of things on my plate. Continue reading

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Ephesians 2:11-21

Last week (I know I’m a week behind) Lane walked us through a really cool text that continues along Paul’s really tight line of thinking.  One of my favorite things about the way Paul wrote Scripture is how his logical, well-reasoned thinking presents excellent arguments and theology for the first few chapters (especially Ephesians), and then he works off of those themes and draws out applications for the last few chapters.  Last week we saw yet another step toward building the theology that he will ‘mine’ for the rest of his treatise. Continue reading

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