Clearly Ambiguous

This made me laugh out loud because it characterizes so much of what academic writing entails (and I used to be a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan)… And I confess, I have definitely done this from time to time in my seminary career. (Side Note: I have also written several book reports on books I haven’t read… but that’s another blog post altogether.)

Why is academic writing so boring and inaccessible?

It seems to me that the smartest people don’t write up in the clouds so that you need a dictionary alongside their book or article to understand what they’re trying to communicate. Instead, the most brilliant writers know their readers well and write in a way that is challenging, yet easy to digest and interact with.

What are your thoughts – have you ever encountered this scenario?

What authors are easy to read? Whose books require wikipedia and dictionary.com?

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Singles Ministry Scorecard

I recently came across a particularly satirical Christian blog and thought this post was especially funny… and it hit a little close to home. Below are my comments, and I have included some ‘excellent’ singles ministry logos down at the bottom for good measure.
My Score: 28
My Personal Favorites Are:
#5 – never really figured out how to respond to this one
#6 – seriously… as a culture, let’s stop saying this
#11 – this is the biggest enemy to my school work
#20 – i agree with the Scriptures, but it MIGHT have a different application in the 21st century…
#21 – this one made me laugh out loud in Starbucks
#29 – has happened to me a couple of times… true story.
#31 – always makes me smile when this happens
#34 – my personal favorite; just because i’m currently single and want to be a pastor doesn’t mean that it’s an open door to bring in random Bible trivia to ‘try to make me feel better’… I don’t want to be Paul, and you don’t need to help me justify my singleness.
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