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Singles Ministry Scorecard

I recently came across a particularly satirical Christian blog and thought this post was especially funny… and it hit a little close to home. Below are my comments, and I have included some ‘excellent’ singles ministry logos down at the bottom for good measure.
My Score: 28
My Personal Favorites Are:
#5 – never really figured out how to respond to this one
#6 – seriously… as a culture, let’s stop saying this
#11 – this is the biggest enemy to my school work
#20 – i agree with the Scriptures, but it MIGHT have a different application in the 21st century…
#21 – this one made me laugh out loud in Starbucks
#29 – has happened to me a couple of times… true story.
#31 – always makes me smile when this happens
#34 – my personal favorite; just because i’m currently single and want to be a pastor doesn’t mean that it’s an open door to bring in random Bible trivia to ‘try to make me feel better’… I don’t want to be Paul, and you don’t need to help me justify my singleness.
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