“Tomorrow is a Long Time”

So lately I’ve been listening to “Tomorrow is a Long Time,” and I’m a big fan of it.  It was originally written by Bob Dylan and recorded by a whole ton of folks, but eventually Dylan cut his own version, which is great (it’s on iTunes).  My favorite, though, is the latest rendition by Nickel Creek because of the way they’ve arranged Dylan’s simple poetry-to-guitar-music original.  The vocals, guitar, mandolin, and violin are awesome together. Continue reading

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Treat Men Right, part 2: Honoring and Respecting Men

Some may react adversely to the title of this post by saying that not all men are worthy of honor and respect.  To that I respond with wholehearted agreement.  There is a disturbing trend in our culture of men who do not lead at all.  From the grown ‘boy who can shave’ to the selfish absentee father, men at this point in history are left with precious few role models.  And we find humor in a host of dudes who don’t deserve to be honored (Peter Griffin from Family Guy, and Ray Romano Everybody Loves Raymond among many others) – worthless guys who abdicate their responsibility to lead their families and let their wives handle everything.  This is both inappropriate and unbiblical ‘leadership’.  But just because there are a few duds in the group doesn’t mean that men aren’t respectable.  A couple of posts ago I encouraged my brothers in Christ to be men deserving of honor and respect (you can check out what I said here and here).  Today I’d like to get into what it looks like for women to encourage, honor, and respect men – especially those who lead well. Continue reading

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Treat Men Right, part 1: Be a Solid Woman

So last week and earlier this week I posted some thoughts and take-aways from many conversations I’ve had over the last few years concerning how single men can and should encourage and honor women.  Both days I posted those broke the previous record for the most page views in a day, and they have now become the two most viewed pages on this blog (Thanks to all six of you who read! Just kidding… but seriously… thanks.).  So it seems I have tapped into something that folks have a hankering to read about.  Today I’d like to look at the flip-side of the coin and turn my attention toward how single women can be an encouragement to their brothers. Continue reading

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