Update – Recent Happenings

Hello blog-readers!
Just a quick update to let you know what’s happening at Death to Life…

First, Death to Life has successfully moved to WordPress!  I’m still learning the formatting and setting up the new features, but so far it’s way more user-friendly and cooler (in my opinion).  If you have any feedback or see any glitches as you read and explore the new site, please either comment on this post or send me an email and I’ll get it figured out.

Second, I’ve been working pretty diligently to set up a schedule for posting.  As such, I’ll put up new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (hopefully).  The Monday posts will be things that I wrote during my seminary days (or thereabouts) but am just now putting on here.  The Wednesday posts will be new stuff that I’m currently writing (questions, other random topics).  The Friday posts will be a new kind of series called “Friday Throwbacks” which will be highlighting previous posts to keep them fresh and remind me of where I’ve come from.

Third, (get excited!) I’ve made some strides to host my blog on deathtolife.com – I purchased the url and am in the process of getting familiar with the way this whole thing works.  It’s a little intimidating for a liberal arts major to be working with so many acronyms, numbers, and strange words but it’s beginning to come together.  My goal is to have it live early next year if not by the end of this year.  I’ll keep you updated as things happen.

Lastly, thank you for reading.  It’s a joy to speak with you in real life and to answer your questions and interact on all of the different avenues we have in our infinitely connected world.  Please keep the feedback coming, and I’ll do my best to keep up with writing and posting as often as I’m able.

Grace and Peace,
– NJ

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