Death to Life turns 1

Well, it has been a year since I first started this endeavor and I have to say it’s been an interesting one to say the least.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my posts (check out the first one here), even though I honestly don’t know who reads what I have to say.  Several people have outed themselves at various times with comments either on my posts or on Facebook/Twitter, or in person, and the feedback has been encouraging.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to write and I appreciate all of you who take a look at what God is and has been doing in my life.

This being the one-year birthdiversary of the inaugural post, I’d like to take a look at how this whole thing has shaped up, and then I’ll lay out a few goals/ideas for the next year or so.

First, we’ll start off with a couple of stats: I have posted a total of 28 times in twelve months – the highest number of tags being random musings (15), theology (14), daily living (8), and questions that friends have asked me that I thought were interesting enough to put on here (8) – there is obviously some overlap.  I have no idea how many visitors I get or how often they visit because I’ve had no way of obtaining that information, nor do I know what I would do with it.  Second, I’ve enjoyed posting Lastly, I gave the blog a facelift a few days ago and I like the new look.  There are still a few things that I’m trying to get used to and need to work out, but overall I think it’s a pretty solid improvement over what I had.  It’s been a good year and I’m pleased with where I’m at – but I’m not satisfied… I think there’s a lot more to do this next year, which brings me to my next point.

Where I’d like to go with this over the next year, should God’s sense of humor persist and his patience with me prevail:
1)     I would like to develop something of a regular posting schedule – whether that is once a month or once a week I won’t know until my seminary schedule is no longer existent (I’m definitely excited about graduating in a couple of weeks!).
2)     I would also like to greatly expand the topics and types of posts to include: book, music, and movie reviews/discussions; this-day-in-history and related factoids; more series of postings; maybe a few more picture postings from my travels; possibly some interviews and/or conversations; and then a few other things that are to be determined.
3)     I would like to make use of the Amazon widget on the right side of the page to help sell books and maybe make some cash – but that depends on your willingness to read my blog, take my recommendation seriously enough to make a purchase, and then make your purchase via my blog.  That seems like a pretty tall order.
4)     Somehow I’d like to tease out some more conversation and discussion on here, but we’ll see how that goes – that’s not exactly a clearly defined goal, but whatever.
5)     I would also like to figure out how many of you there are and who the heck you are… I’m still working on that, and whether that goal is met with success or dismal failure, you probably won’t ever know.
6)     Lastly, I get a fair amount of people who ask me questions about random theological and biblical topics, and I would love to incorporate that into my blog somehow – maybe start a page for question submissions or something like that.  I’ll have to do some work to figure that whole thing out.

A few things that I do not want to change:  I want my blog to continue being a place of open discussion and interaction.  I also want to stay fiercely dedicated to being authentic, real, raw, and mostly unedited (I rarely, if ever, proofread or edit anything I write).  I would love to continue growing as a writer and as a Christian, though I must say I am at the Lord’s mercy for both of those.  I have done nothing to acquire either of those precious gifts, and I pray that I use them to God’s glory.

Thank you for indulging me once again – I appreciate your willingness to read what I write, and I look forward to hearing from you in one way or another on down the road.

Grace and peace through Jesus,

– nj

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